Chillin’ with cows

Delaware Dairy Girl

I took this picture of Taylor Messick, a 4-H member of the Hollymount 4-H Club in Lewes, Delaware at the Delaware State Fair on Friday, July 29, 2016.

Tempretures all week pushed into the high 90s, only made worse by Delaware’s infamous humidity. Attendance  at the fair was down. The heat was oppressive, keeping visitors away. While attractions and fair vendors vied for attention from a sparce public,  young 4-H’ers preferred keeping company with their livestock, in this case dairy cows, on loan from Green Acres Farm in Lewes, Delaware.

4-H’ers rose to expectations higher  than what was climbing on thermostats. Seemingly oblivious to the sweltering heat, 4-H’ers like Taylor tended to their responsibilities with aplomb, carefully changing out and replenishing bedding, keeping the water fresh and the fans blowing, grooming and cooling down their four-legged friends.  What was good for the goose was good enough for the gander, and for  4-H youth throughout the fair, they walked the walk and happily hung out and napped with their Holsteins rather than strolling the fair grounds with friends, or keeping cool in an air conditioned family camper.

The look on Taylor’s face says it all. Unscheduled and spontaneous, this photo depicts our young 4-H members who prefer to keep company with the cows they care for, and the animals they have learned to love and respect. Theirs is a responsibility taken seriously, but with much enthusiasm and joy. Even in oppressive heat.

This face is the future of Delaware agriculture!


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